katabana... BANANA!!!

Once upon a time,
there's an aichai...

And this is the story,
of that aichai...

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Woot!!! finally decided to buy this model after long consideration... a bit big, but it covered everything that i need... superb mp3 player, good camera, a phone... too bad it's so bulky it's gonna attact alot of extra attention from the ladies on the street once i slid it in my npocket...

One of my new friend, Vivian, said she can get me that phone with 2k, + 1G memory... after pursuaded by Hinc Chun and Yong Fatt, i decided to waste a bit of money to buy something i want. But she said that i need to pay her first, then her friend will bring the phone to me 1 week after... At that point i hesitated...

Should i trust her? i only met her for 2 times... The way she talk showes that she's not trust worthy...

After some serious thinking, i asked her to help me get the phone first, then i'll pay her. she seems aren't that willing... i understand how she feel... she was thinking the exact same thing as i am... scare of being cheat by other people...

I really hate all this guessing and doubting game... but i have to do this... i have to protect myself... i really hate the selfish side of me... =.='''

I remembered that at one time, Cheng Wai (anotehr secondary friend) was having financial problem. He went to alot of people, all refused to help him. At last, he found Kim Ann (Another... ah... lazy explain liao), and He corrowed Chen Wai 2k to help him...

When i heard till this part, i started to think... if Chen Wai asked money from me, will i borrow him? If King Soong and Hing Chun decided to borrow money from me, will i borrow them? 2k for me now is kinda little, but what if 10k? 20k?

I really admire Kim Ann's courage of helping him... i don't think he had that much of money back then and 2k probably are kinda alot for him that time...

Sigh... i really need to trust people more... People probably will call me stupid if i mistrusted someone, but when do i care what other people think? as long as i know i'm not afraid to trust people. as long as i know that i still have hope for humanity. despite the reality.

It's just a phase...

Recently i met a lot of new faces, befriended with them, and gotten kinda close with some of them too... but recently i got this feeling... the more friend i got, the more lonely i'm feeling...

Yesterday night, there's some problem with my computer... can't open it for some bizzare reason... With nothing else to do, i decided to call some of my friend to have a drink nearby...

scrolling through the phone book, i've excluded the unknown telephone number i saved, new and not that close friend, etc etc, and i found out that i only have that a few friend that will actually come out with me... and all of them replied "dun wan lah" "lazy liao" "next time lah"....

i suddenly realised that although i have alot of friend, but i'm not that close with most of them... of all those phone number, only that few number that i'm familiar with...

dunno lah really tak biasa express myself... guess it's just a phase... hope it'll pass soon... have to start work on my people skill liao...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Audrey sent me a site that can test compatibility between me and you... try it... :)


Friday, March 24, 2006

Personality Quiz~~~

I've always obsessed with personality quiz... it help me kill the time and know more about myself better... :) Found this on my friend Iris's blog so i tried it...

Your Birthdate: August 18

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

Your power color: Crimson red

Your power symbol: Snowflake

Your power month: September
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you can get or discard anytime. You're feeling self centered.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

~~~Just give Pork a chance~~~

I admit that i got some issue to work on... So bad of me to degrade someone like that... well i want to use this chance to say sorry to those pork... i mean ladies that i met that day...

To make up my mistakes, One of the ladies, Vivian, called me again yesterday, so me, Yong Fatt and Yau Sook (another new friend), decided to meet them. To show my respect to them and my determination to change, i even rejected my other group of friend's invitation ( Hing Chun and Kenneth..)

BIG mistake....

It's like Deja Vu all over again. They ask us to go to setapak, We listen to thier direction, got lost in Cheras. NVM we'll just ask other person... Hing Chun... and got lost again In MRR2... NVM i said i'll change so i'll tahan the mistakes, asked another bystander... GOT LOST AGAIN!!!

After hours and hours of driving and getting lost, we reached the destination... Not a big group... 2 girls (including Vivian) and another guy. Before i even sit down, that guy seems very anticipated and excited to see us...

Man: "Hey nice to meet you. I've waited so long to meet you... :D... I got a business that you will surely interest in... XD "

=.=''''' to tell you the truth i reallly dunno how to responce in that situation. I promise to change, so i cannot shoot him gau gau... But it's really annoying that i drove for so many hours... to listen to a BLOODY BASTARD GIVING ME LECTURE???!!!.... sorry... lost control ... =.=''

OK, maybe i can learn something or whatever, i'll give him a chance.. :) Breath in- Breath out- Breath in - Breath out... yup... relax liao...

anyway, he was introducing some product, called Omegatrend or something... works like bonus link... You call outstation, you gain some point. You buy something, you gain some point. But instead of exchange the point to get free stuff, you'll get money. and it worlk like LV and Elke, the more downline you have using the product, the more points you'll get...

... Basically after that part, i ignore him completely... so are the other people... appearently Vivian and his gal friend are also in the same business... yup... this yam cha session is a god damn trap...

yup... this is what you'll get if you give those pork chop....... i mean ladies a second chance... =.='' believe me... i've tried... sigh....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tired,,,, REALLY tired... =.=''' stupid pork chop... =.='''

surrounded by pork chop for whole day... have to drive to kl, see a bunch of pork chop, then keep U-turn between mines and belutong for hell know how many times, because of some stupid instruction given by some pork chop, then finally reached the destination, ended up surrounded by MORE PORK CHOP!

damn... i'm sick of pork... =.=''

In detail:
Yong Fatt asked me to go to Sungei Wang, because his SMS friend's academy is having a fashion show (Snipe Academy... some hair stylist academy...). We had no problem reaching there, although dunno for what reason we decided to park in Time Square and walk there... =.=''

The show.... are kinda lame from a designer's view (not a pro designere, but STILL a designer none the less...) but if you think it as some autie barber shop presentation show, it's still ok...

After the show, Yong Fatt introduce me to his friend, Vivian, and she introduced us some of her friend too... yup... 1st group of pork chop....

After they finished packing, they say wanted to go to thier another friend's saloon opening ceremony. We dun really mind the distance, because we thought there are at least 1 chun chick at that place... we were too optimist... :(

Due to some pork chop's stupid instruction, we've gone in and out of Belutong at least 4 times (I lost count due to the fact that I'M DRIVING!!!) at last, we found the place, and to our suprise, there it was... pork chop heaven...

anyway, stayed there for a while, ate some not that tasty buffet, and Yong Fatt got molested the whole night.... omg what a nightmare...

At last, we managed to escape from that "heaven", because HC called and invite us to go watch UNDERWORLD. well, he didn;t actually invited us. he bought the ticket without us knowing it. so with only 30 minuits time, we have to do the following:

1. leave that heaven, which is VERY HARD because those pork chop really dun wan to let us go....

2. Fetch a porkchop back to her apartment, which is mediocre hard, although we've lost at some point and lost precious time...

3. rush to cinema in less than 10 minuits.... from KL... with Traffic jam...

so the result was that we've late for 30 minuits, watched the movie (Yong Fatt slept through the movie, while i was too tired to focus on the movie, with beds and pillow filled my mind...)

... After some calculation, i've spend over 15 hours in a car today. except for those event mentioned above, today i have to drive to klang, get 4 package, then drive back to PWTC, then turn back to factory before parking for the stupid trolley THEN head back to PWTC again... skiped my breakfast, and with over 5 person keep calling me every minuits, rushing me to deliver the bloody package... =.='''






Thursday, March 16, 2006


Remember a few post ago i said i want to learn weng chun? Today i finally got a chance to follow Yong Fatt to one of the martial art class. His master asked him to go back to the dojo and teach. I just follow him, and depend on the situation there, i'll decided whether to learn or to chicken out...

His master's dojo is in Sri Hartamas, abit too far for me, but i don;t really mind, if i go straight to that place after work, and rest there. So the distance is not a problem. After i went in, i was amazed by those gym equipment. Damn they have more stuff to play with than that stupid Kelab Rahman Putra gym!!

After we reach there, his master is training other people, so i stand there and watch... and all those basic training looks so.... painful =.=''''' .... wah i dunno if i can tahan for even 1 day man... and that's only the basic training.

After they done training, and i got some brouchure, we went yam cha with one of Yong Fatt's senior. The've talked alot about the dojo, some funny competition/exam stuff and the master. Believe it or not, their master is VERY famous. black belt 6th, and whole malaysia only got 2 people with that title... That is the second best title. The best title is black belt 7th, and that guy is a japanese... Thier master also good with business. From proton perdana, switched to BMW in half year, and now planing to change again. into a Benz...=.='' never knew coaching is so rewarding...

But according to thier story, this martial art learning process is a hell. try break a 1 inch thick board with your bare fist. try it.. =.=''' chee sin... i dunno i can tahan or not. i think i'll cry after see that bloody board... =.='''

Anyway, Yong Fatt said that he maybe want to learn something new. like dancing for instance. or something. so... any suggestion? :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Butterfly Effect...

This few day damn busy. Almost everyday also got go yam cha and event going around. Can't believe a few weeks ago i stayed in home almost everynight, play flyff... :D

Yup. It's a great thing that i've met Yong Fatt again... :) To tell the truth, i'm not close with him when we're in secondary. But a few months ago, we met again at kinrara, and we've keep in contact ever since.

His my another turning point in life. When i started to feel like i'm sinking into the routine life cycle, he pulled me out from the pit hole, and introduce me into his world... The OTHER world that i knew it existed, but never got the chance and guts to know it more.

He was an ex-gangster. Lots of "pek yao" story behind his scars, and lots of stuff that i never heard of, and lots of other things that can grab my attention for a very loooooong time... :) The way he's living are totally different than me, and i'm glad he accepted me as who i am, not trying to convert me or what ever, and introduce me to his other friends...

Kinda nervous at first, because those HK film mislead me. But in reality, they are friendly, funny, open, and very nice to hang out with... :) They also got lots of activities that i never knew exist. Today we've planed to go to subang, because some Japanese racers came here and going to "Piu Yee", perform those uber skills in movies like Initial D... I was like woahhhhhh i never knew got this kind of activities one... althought when we reach there, the "performance" has ended and we not even got the chance to look at the car or driver or anything, but still, my point is that i can see alot of things from a different point of view. and i'm lovin it... :)

heard of the phrase "butterfly effect"? Some scientist said that a flip of wing from butterfly, in one part of the world, can cause tornadoes in another part of the world. The chain reaction that we caused from our daily activities, EVERYTHING, can decide how we will live our life.

I don't really have a point in writing this topic. Just want to say that I appreciate all of you. All of my friend. All the living organism in this planet. Without you, I won't be the same person as i am now. You help made me into who i am, today. Thank you.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid, stupid day....

Yup. Today is a stupid day...

Today i'm suppose to take a bag sample to my client before i go to work, but that stupid company still not open yet.. =.='' i mean come on man, it's alraedy 8:30 man!!! can't believe got people work late then me (except my father, of course). anyway, being a very UNDERSTANDING person, i don;t really mind that and found a restaurant, slowly had my breakfast. Well that "Tom-Yam Pan Mee" was quite delicious so i'm not mad about that company anymore.

Yeah. The worst is coming... =.='''

Ok after i reach the office, my father straight away bombarded me. He is suppose to recieve some artwork through e-mail, from China, and I've recieved it yesterday. here's the conversation:


Son: "Ya, i open liao. But the artwork got problem woh. I thought i told you yesterday liao? I--"


Son: "I got try to do liao. Not my problem. Is that stupid designer never save properly. I cannot open the file."


Son: "I really donno woh. Probably when sent e-mail got problem gua. Always got this thing happe--"


Son: "I dunno it's important. I--"


(I almost shouted :"Diu. I dunno how i ask??" But i managed to gulp that down....)


yeah... practically that ruined my entire day... I do admit i got do wrong. But i not "song" my father blame me for something i cannot fix.. =.=''' Summore i really hate that word: "IF YOU DUNNO CANNOT ASK AH??"... stupid phrase... how the hell i know i need to ask? it's like shouting "HOW THE HELL YOU DUNNO HOW MANY BULU I HAVE??? DUNNO CANNOT ASK AH??? WHY THE HELL YOU DIDN'T ASK???"... very illogical phrase... =.=''''

oh well, got out with my friends Yam Cha so yeah... Feeling much better liao...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yin and Yang

One of my friend told me yesterday, that he never believe that fate exist. He believe that we are the one that creating opportunity, and Fate, is cause by our action. Then my other friend believe that Fate control us. Who you met, How you met, What you did, all was controled by fate. And both of them ask me, "What do y ou believe in?"

Took me only a few minuits to decide which side i'm with.

I believe that we control fate, and fate control us. hmmm... wait let me rephrase that. We and Fate co-exist with each other.

I believe that we are the one that control our action, and our action can alter the path of fate. We have the power to choose which path we'll follow, and We have the knowledge to know where will the path we chose will lead us to. That is why i said we can alter the path of fate.

But in another point of view, we also controled by fate. Our action, our ways of thinking things, our decision, ALL of them are affected by fate. Fate, can decide who we will meet, and that person might change the rest of your life. Every second that you're living, every decision u make, are affected by your personality, which are affected by the family you're born in, friends that you hang out with, teachers that you study under, etc etc... And faith is the "one" that lead you into them.

From what i wrote, it seems that fate is more superior, but no. We human have the ability change. We are more capable to change, if compare to other life form on earth. We're able to change the way we think, the way we act, the way we live. Most importantly, We, are the one who do the decision making. You can't say things like "Let fate decide." Fate only can lead you to the door. You're the one who choose whether to open it, or ignore it, or choose the next door.

Yin and Yang. Fate and Decision. Man and Woman. Love and Hate. Everything in this world are balanced. You get some, you lose some. You give some, you get some.

oooooo...... think too much liao... my brain cannot take it liao... =.=''' all this phylosophy stuff not suit me and my brain at all... =.='''

Monday, March 06, 2006

Row, Row, Row your boat...

No, no... i didn't row any boat last weekend. I'll explain it later.

Well, it's the same routine for whole of last week. Wake up, Work, Go home, Computer, Sleep.... Basically nothing exciting happened... until yesterday, Sunday night...

While i'm spamming skill in Flyff and complain that i have no life, one of my friend called. So i rushed out (Yeah the reson i rushed is because he said got 2 girls waiting for me... o.O).

We've met in Sg. Buloh, and i was quite disappointed after i saw that two girls... :( anwyay, my friend told me that he was dumbedby his gf... ooow.... so charm... althought i dunno what that feeling is.. :(

Yup. like all those who got dumbed, he bought 4 cans of beer, and lead me to a lake side, called Tasik Biru or something... yeah... that's the paradise for those itchy couple to save some money from rent those cheap motel...

We talked, we joked, we laugh, we drank, and we scared the shit out of ourself... =.='' stupid lake looked damn creepy... dark, misty, those annoying noices, cars that constant shaking, mourning...... ANYWAY, i don't really have the mood to seduce that 2 girls so we decided to go home around 1am or something.

Lol... let me guess something... you thought i'll talk about my friends problem here? hehehe... so busy body for what? whatever happened happened... he decided to try and see whether can save the relationship or not.

In the mean time i've asked him and that 2 girls to bring people, and we'll boogy in Soda club... sigh... kinda sick of that place... what to do... they say want there... i better start find someone to go...

Yup... plain and boring week....