katabana... BANANA!!!

Once upon a time,
there's an aichai...

And this is the story,
of that aichai...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


...... o.... cannot think of anything to write... really don't know last time when got so much can write.. is it because my life are getting boring? or because now got girlfriend, really busy? assignment, maybe? i don;t know.. but when i try to write an update for this blog, i can hardly think of anything o... all i can think of is gf, assignment, gf, some game, gf.........


weekend coming lu.... have to think of some new and innovative place to go lo... sigh... ran out of idea liao... help anyone?

anyway, give you some nice photos that i like.. :)

cute a? :D

enough of random post lo... next time after i upload photos from my phone i'll show u guys what my excellent gf make for me.. :) she now got holiday, so i'm expected to gain at least 10kg in this week.. and the best thing is... i cannot complaint... =.='''

Friday, May 16, 2008

Introduction for my new blog.. :)

it's kinda ironic because i almost stop wrtting in a blog, but now i'm opening a new blog.. =.=''

anyway, i'm opening up a new blog, which is about movies that i've watched, and books that i've read.. :)

those who know me well enough will notice that i really like to watch movie and read books (mostly comics.. =.=) recently i'm picking up habit of reading novels, and i've finished quite a number of them.. :) even my girlfriend gave me 1 as present.. :D thx dear...

well, i dunno how many of you like books, but most of you like movie right? u can get reviews of those movie from that blog, and of course i'll recomment good movies to you guys too.. :) but since i dun have special movie passes to see movie premier, i can only post movies that are alreaady on the screen or off the screen... well, if i write well enough, maybe those movie companies will give me free tickets to premier le... or newspaper ask me to write movie review column.. hehehe...

can't blame a guy for dreaming... :)

anyway, just click into my profile and you'll see the link to my new blog.. :) not yet create, but hope you guys will enjoy it.. :)