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there's an aichai...

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of that aichai...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"wah... this blog so "palia" one???

how many of you used this word before? "palia"...

just came across this word from one of my research journal... out of curiousity, i've spent some time to search for it's meaning... guess what?

the word i came across is "pariah", which originated from tamil word "paṟaiyar". guess what? the meaning of the word means social outcast...

this shows that malaysia has rojak culture... i never heard the indian use the word "pariah" before (most probably is becuase i don't understand tamil in the first place.. :) )

cool info huh? :)

well, time to get back to my assignment.. just pass up my first assignment.. now my second assignment due 3 days later.. no more joking around...

1 whole week of no shaving.. i looks like a terrorist now (Chun W.H. "Discussion in mamak")

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Chun W.H. "Discussion in mamak." Pinky mamak. 13 October 2007

*my mind has poisoned by free trade, india and china... and obviously assignment.. =.=''*