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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great quote from a great game...

quoted from a PC Game: Syberia

"Why should life be complicated, when I already have what I need?"

Syberia is a puzzle solving game, and that quote is a part of a dialogue that struck me the moment i saw this line. the origin of the quote is form a villiant from the game. he stole my robot's arm for his own robot. since i need my robot to operate a train to continue the story, i offer to build a new hand for him. that's why he replied to me.

what he said is quite true some time. many people are not happy with thier life, because they cannot achieve thier need. like what i've learned in consumer behavior, a customer will only be satisfied if his need is met. this is also applicable to our life. i guess what i want to say is that not many people are easilly satisfied. after they achieved what they need, they will set another need to fullfil. this is kinda sad because this endless circle only can make a person happy for a short moment, and in the end, it's very hard for him to achieve true happiness.

of course that's not always is the case. undoubtly there are many different types of happiness, such as the process of achieving, the fruits of labor, the sence of belonging... etc... for an example, a really patriotic soldier will be very happy knowing that he has died for the country, and help protected his country. for a business man, that's just foolish talks. i guess that's why so many people argue with each other, since thier opinion of happiness is different. take another example, a teenager will want to spent more time with his other half, but his parents will sure want him to concentrate on his study. in my opinion, both are not wrong. teenager at that stage, will think that love is more important because they prefer to have stable relationship in the future, and that's what they think happiness is about. those are romantism thinking. as for parents, they prefer the teenager to study, because they think that education, stable career, and stable income is what happiness all about. those are realistic thinking.

this quote also remind me of another story:

once upon a time, a poor farmer found 100 dollar on the ground, and he said:"oh thank you lord for blessing me with such large amount of treasure. now my family don;t have to worry about food for a month."

the next day, a rich business man found 100 dollar on the ground, and he said:"oh thank you lord for blessing me with this unexpected money. but i still need 3,900 dollar more to get my prada handbag."

hmm... i don;t know what i;m typing anymore... that's why i don't blog so frequently... i usually need to construct what i want to say before i write, but blogging... i usually just type out what pops in my mind... well at least you have a brief idea of how my brain works.. :)


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