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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fraser Hill Trip!!!

YEAY!!! finally went to fraser hill... i always thought that i'm not a malaysian until i visit fraser hill... no i'm not just saying that.. it's true... 90% of the malaysian i've asked all went to fraser hill... so do you understand my logic now?? :D

anyway, the trip was planned the minute AFTER i reach home from redang trip... =.='' my yam cha kaki friends called me out to yam cha the moment i parked my car... sigh... so cham ah... after long, tiring day of sleeping on the bus (hmm... over 12 hours straight if not mistaken...), i dun even have the chance to go in the house for 1 sec, and i have to rush to the nearest mamak store and yam cha.... =.=''

anyway, during the yam cha session, and after i report my redang trip to them, my friends suddenly said that they have 2 days of holiday consecutively (due to labor day and wesak day), so they decided to go for a trip... since 1 of my friend...

wait... why am i refering my friend as "my friend"? sei loh joined those help friend too long liao... now i write blog like for them to see only.,.. =.='' my bad...

ANYWAY... king soong's father bought or rent (not too sure...) an unit in one of the hotel in fraser hill, so we can get free accomodation... despite warning from hing chun, i insisted that we go to fraser hill... "ALL MALAYSIAN MUST VISIT GFRASER HILL AT LEAST ONCE!!!" said ken... so at last, all agreed to go to fraser hill...

after that meeting, we've tried our best to ajak people to join us... but failed miserably... =.='' on saturday, only five of us going... me, ks, hc, tze kuan, and hc's neighbour, siang... sigh... this gang so sad ah... always cannot find girl to join... SIGH..... =.=''

anyway, we went to fraser hill on monday or tuesday (... forgot what day liao... =.='' and it's only 1 week ago... =.='' =.=''). all of us went to ks's house to gather, since his the driver of the day... :D hc bought damn alot of stuff, including tons of junk foods and 1 bottle of vodka (absolute vodka peach) and 1 bottle of whisky (jack daniel... i think... =.='')... ks bought tons of cup noodle in case of land slide or whatever so we won't die of hunger... we also brought 4 tennis racquet since it seems like an excellent idea to play tennis in such high and cool environment... :)

seems lots of stuff right? all those things and including 5 bags of clothing... summore tze kuan has bought his mahjong set... so it's a suprise when we are ready to leave, ks walk toward his puny suzuki swift... =.='' sei lah so small car butt how to fit all the stuff woh??!!! all of us have doubts, but increadibly, that small car butt can hit in all the stuff leh!! summore ngam ngam ho!! wah i damn impress leh... i would have taken the picture and let you guys see how genius they are in allocating stuff and space usage, but since both my hands have to hold onto those stuff so they won't fall out BEFORE ks close the door... =.=''

ok.. i wasted too much time liao... and the car haven't even start yet... =.='' well, to make long story short, in the end, ks started the car and we reached fraser hill in 2 hours time (+30 minutes when we decided to stop at bukit beruntung to have our breakfast...) on our way there, tze kuan who have to report his trip in the forum, has taken some photo on our trip there... a grand total of not more than 5 photo... not that he dun want to take... but there's nothing interesting to take =.=''

anyway, tze kuan who did all the research possible, demand us to stop at the dam which was available on our climb up the fraser hill... since we've ignored most of his request to stop and take photo, we decided to stop at that spot and see what so great about that damn dam (:D wanted to say that for long time liao.. :D) anyway, tk shriek when he spoted a great lake on the climb, so we stoped and gone down car to take a look... WOW you cannot imagine how GENG it was... the calm lake... the vast greenary... the artistict dead tree branch... the heat... oh my the magnificent heat... the single MOST important element at that damn dam... the moment we step out from our moving air cond sanctuary, our palm (and whole body) started to sweat in the present of the dam... and the heat... 2 minutes later, after tk took his photo, we all rush back into the car, and praise the lord for bestow onto the human the knowledge to evolve and ultimately invented air cond...

okay enough description of the damn dam... after 30 minutes of initial D like climb, we were relieved that we finally reached our destination... well, to make my following content interesting, i have to write out our initial program... we planned to leave the house at 10am, reach at around 12pm, check in, and start playing sports (tennis, ping pong, anything...) on 2pm... we wanted to exercise in the cool weather... at 5pm we'll take a walk around fraser hill, finish our supper at 8pm, go back and start mahjong competition and drink like there's no tomorrow... and on the next day, if we can wake up, we'll exercise summore and on 12pm, we'll leave fraser hill and reach our home at around 3pm.. max... healthy schedule right.. :)

well, in REALITY, we've left our house at 11pm, due to the traffic jam, and check in at 1pm... due to the tireness of the trip, we decided to rest a while, and play mahjong at the same time... after a few round, we decided to stop, and when we step out of the house, it's alraeyd 6PM!!!!!! the bloody hell mahjong tiles somehow hypnotised us and made us lost tract of the time.. =.='' sadly, we put back all our racquet, and at least walk to the nearest restaurant to exercise...

... 15 minutes later, we all finally reached the nearest restaurant, and was too tired to even curse at god for making us think that we're still as fit as when we're secondary... =.='' after we caught our breath, we started to order our food... ks said that once we go out, we shouldn't take care of our wallet and eat nice things, and the other agree, so all also ordered western food... me on the other hand, also agree to them, but was slaped by my own wallet, scolded me nonsense, and made me ordered a plate of fried rice.. =.='' what to do? baru came back from 1 trip, impossible to still have money for second trip lah.. =.=''

after 10 minutes, my food has arrived, and... well... the taste was okay... can't really give any comment of the fried rice due to the lack of meat, lack of vegetables, lack of seasoning, and lack of taste... it's not fair to pass judgement to a plate of RM7 ingredience-less fried rice, because all rice also taste the same mah... after the torture has finished, i felt so relieve.. not that i finished that plate of garbage... it's because the walk has made hc they all so hungry, that all of them are drooling while looking at me eating the garbage... :D after withstand all my taunting (pretending the rice are good and annoy them..) they confidently said that it'l be them to have the last laugh when thier delivious, expensive western food arrive...

10 minutes passed... 20 minutes... 40 minutes... 1 hour....

yup... 1 hour later, they were so hungry, they can't do anything when i'm laughing and burping like hell... siang was so angry that he actually wanted to go in the kitchen and scold the cook... i calmed him down by saying that they'll at least get fresh ingredience... after countless time of complaining, they finally got thier food, and gooble all of it like there's no tomorrow... all of them don't know whether the ingredience are fresh or not... they are too hungry to even care about that... =.=''

so for those who nv went to fraser hill before,

anyway, after the dinner, we tapau some ramli burger and again, walked back our unit... once we sat down, the mahjong competition officially began... we've played 3 player mahjong, and the winner can stay for second game and losers will be replace... none of us are familiar with this ( except me and tk... others usually played 4 player mahjong..) so after some trial and error, we started the gambling.. :D (ever wonder why most of the time when the chinese gather, gambling will be unevitable?)

anyway, siang, who play m3 player mahjong for the first time, has won 9 games consecutively.. =.='' damn beginner's luck... hc and ks cannot was slaughtered because they aren't familiar with this super fast pace of mahjong... thier luck also betrayed them... most of the time, the moment the game start, they will skipped by other player twice, and when they finally have the chance to come out a tile, another player won... so basically me, ks, and hc sit for 3 minutes and will have to give up our seat.. =.=''

enough mahjong talk... not many people find them interesting anyway (not when they're not the one playing... ) as you all know, fraser hill's night are as cold as genting night... we were relieved that the unit has a water heater... king soong who just lost for the third time in a row, decided to take the shower first... and i think those smart readers have guessed right... we heard a scream the moment he opened the water... after wew double checked all the fuse and switch and everything, we concluded that the stupid water heater has malfunctioned and became water cooler due to the freezing fraser night.. =.='' each of us entered, and endured the cold torture, and finally, it's my turn...

being a lazy faggot that scare of cold, i decided to only apply some water on my head, and tipu that i've finished bathing... well it seems that my dirtyness has driven lady luck away... the moment i open the vault, one of the switch on the heater started to shake, violently, and...



... the switch (which is a filter that connect to the main paip) pop out, and the water gushing out from the main pipe, and splashed directly on me!!!!!! mother fucker water heater!!!!! the moment i decided not to get too wet this kind of thing happen!!!! it's like the fire hidrant that rosak in the movie... water gushing out non stop... i screamed and sweared and screamed again, but cannot stop the water... after recover from the shock and the cold, i reach for the switch and screw the mother fucker back to the heater.. took me 10 full minutes of direct water splashing to screw back the switch... by that time it was over i was wet all over, so i just finished the bloody bath...

after 9 hours of gruesome competition (from 8pm till 5am morning.. =.='') all of us can't open our eyes anymore, so the competion was stop and guess what? i've won!!!! RM1 !!!! woo hoo!!!! no kidding man.. i thought i was losing at least RM5 before the game end.. luckily at the end i've managed to won 4 times consecutively and manage to cover up the loses... :D so on second day, we were so tired we've cancel everything, sleep until 11:30am (well, like usual, i'm the one who sleep until 11:30am... they've woke up at 10 something...) and we went back down the hill at 12pm...

so in short, our fraser trip activities were:
1. get fried at the damn dam
2. mahjong friendly match
3. hunger endurance competition
4. mahjong premier league
5. coldness endurance competition
6. sleep........ ZZzzzZZ

=.='' syiok leh... =.=''

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

sneak peek of katabana's holiday!!!

well... not really "peek", since like always, there aren't any photo for you to see... so wan yian, mei yoong, yung hui, fast fast update blog ah... =.=''

after the exam, i've went to pulau redang with friends from help.. :) next time i blog about it lah...

cross your finger that i'll actually write it out... unlike my trip to china.. =.=''

anyway, after that trip, now i'm going to fraswer hill with secondary friends... =.='' i know i've live in malaysia for more than 23 years, i still haven't got the chance to visit that place yet... so i'm quite anticipate to go there.. :)

the trip is tomorrow (well, it's today morning since i write this post after midnight...) so hope i'll back in one piece and let you guysknow how it went lah.. :) but sei loh... nv prepare camera... hope they'll bring the camera tomorrow.... =.=''