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Once upon a time,
there's an aichai...

And this is the story,
of that aichai...

Monday, May 29, 2006

another test... there got to be some better topic that i can write.. =.=''

You scored as Accounting/Finance/Econ. Related majors that match your highest scored category: Accounting, Business Management, Computer/Management Information Systems (CIS or MIS), Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Mathematics, Operations Management, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Public Administration, Real Estate, Risk Management, Sports Management, Statistics.

Consider all majors in your OTHER high scoring categories. The right major for you will be something
1) you love and enjoy and
2) are really great at it. Consider adding a minor or double majoring.





























created with QuizFarm.com

econ ah... at least that's gonna be my minor this time... was thinking of some manager related topic... :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

orientation.... OMG can't believe i'm gonna study again??!!!

damn.. yesterday i went to cyber cafe to write this topic one... i mean type...=.=''' type half way the stupid cc jump switch... all gone... =.='' half hour of typing.. gone... =.='''

anyway, i guess i'll strt to type what happen to me in help this 3 days... :)

1st day of orientation...

wake up on 7:30... damn long time nv wake up so early liao... not even when i'm working... =.=''' anyway, i reach there on 9:00pm... on the dot... wah never thought i was on time leh... stupid jam made me worry so much... =.='''

ANYWAY, after i reach there, and got the orientation folio, then the panic hit me unexpectedly.... damn i'm all alone leh... i look around me, everyone also in pairs or in groups... wah how am i gonna fit in woh... omg omfg !!!

guess i have no choice... i follow them, rode the shuttle bus, and follow the "tour guide" and walked around the campus... after we reached the auditorium, and ater the long and boring welcoming speech, and i was wandering how the hell i'm gonna start mix with other, then it came like a silent killer...

a girl beside me (mind you, she quite cute leh... :) ) suddenly tap my shoulder, and we introduce ourself... she was from "zhong hua" high school. at first she was here alone, but she manage to met al her other friend that was from the same school... we went to McD and had our lunch (and i knew 1,2,3,.... 6 more girl that time...) damn.. never thought my firest group of friend are all girls.. too bad they are from psycology class so i doubt we'll seeing each other again...

but anyway, i got her (and another girl) contact number JUST IN CASE... :D just in case of what no need me say lah... :D

after lunch, she went to top up her phone, and as a gentleman (although i like to "diu" but still, i'm a gentleman.. :) ) of course i wait for her... after i waited for like 20 minuits, i sense something wrong (my colourful wolf sense is tingling... =.='' ) so i went and found her sobbing... =.='' the top up machine ate her RM50 and she dunno what to do. after i ask around, the guard told me to find the admin in student affair department, which unforturnately went out for lunch. we waited for that old faggot finish his lunch, complain to him, and he called the person incharge, and promised that she'll get her rm50 back the second day.

well, nothing much happen on second and third day, and as i expected, i didn't meet her again. but i did call her for a few time... in case you're wandering... i had some new friends (unfortunately, all guys, with 1 or 2 girls only...) and yeah.. i think probably i can survive... :) actually things Do happen on second and third day, just that i'm lazy and it's not that big of a deal...

except that incident that i took almost 1 hour running up and down the stairs to find the bloody hell car... cannot remember where i park it.. =.='''

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

haha bee yam i win liao... :D

姓  名:叶伟劲
出生日期:西元1984年8月18日 (農曆73年7月22日)
靈  數:38

      你的人生目標是擁有過人的才華,並且展現出個性和自我的特色。你有為大眾服務的心態,因此經常會投入社會公益活動,如果這次的社會公益有理想性,也能 夠將自我特色表達出來,你會更樂意去作,在職業上必需要能顯現出你的才華,不只是為了賺錢,工作目標是要朝向社會公益的性質。
       你的優點是永遠有用不完的精力,情感豐沛,會用感情和直覺來作為智慧的基礎,你的才華也很容易展現出來。你的缺點在於有時候會不自量力,鋒芒太露,太過 於愛搶風頭,內心較缺乏安全感,言語有時會很刻薄毒辣,其實那是因為你內心的熱情一時找不到出口,只好用這個負面方式來宣洩。

In my own opinion lah... quite true leh... but that's how i look at myself... what do you think? :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Think you're smart? Think again....

currrently i'm addicted to this game... :)


it's a puzzle solving game, which test your computer skill (intermediate skill)... very fun... :D me and king soong now playing together... wai yang also playing with us...

go give it a try... :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

God just threw a curve ball at me...

a few post ago i mentioned the girl i wanna woo right? then i said she got mental problem right? here's the rest of the story... the end of the story...

after lots and lots of begging, she finally agreed to meet me... at first very happy... then she said she can only meet me on monday afternoon... so stone ah... need to work leh... but never mind... i guess i can sneak out for maybe 1 or 2 hours...

anyway, yong fatt taged along, and we've reached pandan mewah's Mc Donald... after reach there, we've tried call her, but she nv pick up the phone. so i have no choice loh.. have to go 1 table 1 table ask... damn sia sui...

at last after i asked every 17 years old looking girl, all of them said no... one of then have the same surname as her leh... =.=''' damn that girl is wasting my time and my energy... she dun even want to recognize me leh... nvm...

after me and yong fatt finish eating (took us 5 minuits), then we decided to give up and go home... she appearently playing us... =.=''' after we left the Mc, she sms me, ask me why so fast leave. she said i guess correct liao and ask me go back... fine... i'll gulp the humiliation and see her... well, i sat down, talked with her for about 3 minutis, then i have to rush back to office...

in conclusion, after weeks of begging, i only saw her for 3 minuits.... =.='''

then on my way to work, she start sms me again... since i'm driving, so i replied her that i;'ll call her again because i'm driving... then it happened.. again...

she sms me non-stop, saying all the cake thing like

"i know lah... you see my face dun like me anymore.... ok fine... i won;t sms you anymore... i know i;m too ugly and fat..."

"you want to reply me or not??? why you like that one??? see me liao now dunwan to reply my message??? i got so ugly meh???"

... got alot more but i cannot remember what liao... in conclusion... those message are very very CAKE one... =.='''

anyway,. i cannot take all those sms bombardment so i stop and sms her back, tell her again that i'm driving, and tell her that i dun think she's fat and ugly, dun think so much...

then she bombard me again liao...

"then why dunwan to reply me message??"
"because i'm driving mah..."
"i knwo lah.. you think i'm ugly.... i know i;m big, fat and ugly..."
"dun think so much lah... i never say that mah... you consider beutiful loh... if compare other..."
"i hate u! i know i;m ugly and you lying in front of my face!! ok fine if you thin i;m so ugly i won;t sms you again... bye"

.... fine you dunwan smsm me i also happy... finally... tranquility....

anyway, i had huge arguement with her that night... her pet sis said she got a sickness, which she cannot breath when she cry, so i demand to have the name... i can't take the mental bombardment from her anymore, and it's very very hard for me to trust her anymore.... so if i can confirmt he sickness name she gave me suit her syntom, i'll forgeet everything. i told her to be honest, tell me everything, and she keep avoid the topic...

sigh... then i suddenly feel too tired to continue liao... i sent her the last message...

"you know what? it's very hard for me to believe you anymore. i asked to talk to your pet sister she dunwan to answer me. i try to ask your sickness name so i can help you find a cure, you cannot tell me. i'm very tired... i;'m tired of your non stop sms... i'm tired of you being unreasonable. i;m tired that i have to type faster than you. it's your attitude that i dun like. it's your negative, unreasonable attitude that ruined this freidnship. u said i'm just your pet bro, but what you did isn't what you said. you say you had a bf, but you've spented 12 hours a day trying to sms me... how can i believe you anymore? i'm too tired to continue this game... good bye..."

and until now, no more sms... except that last sms she sented me...

"whatever... tis will b the last time we talk, u... wont saw me in tis wold again...now, no one care of me again, wt the bullshit promise u give r stupid,no one wif b v me ady... bye, hope u happy"

... i scare she;ll die, but i know i've tried my best... she never listen to me, and i'm fed up that she so unreasonable...

oh well, 1 night of argue can get me some tranquility, peace and quiet... so syok... :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

some personality quest again... :)

wah bee yam saw ur blog liao... :D i'm 70% weird leh!!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

You've been deeply wounded in the past, and you're still recovering from that hurt.

It's important to you that your lover is very attractive. You like to have someone to show off.

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Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.

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Of course, you're totally sizzling too. And for you, being hot just comes naturally.


Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Shark

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Polar Bear

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beware the monkey with gun!!! :)

You Are 8 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

=.=''' sien gau... i know i'm childish but.... 8 YEARS OLD??!! sien gau... no mood liao...

Friday, May 12, 2006


hehe... remember that i still looking for good phone? well, pda are kinda good for me, but sorry to say this eric, but... p990 aren't really look appealing for me leh.. =.='''

anyway, found some nice model recently... Nokia 6280, SE 900i (i still cannot forget him.. :) ) N90 or some new version that hasn't been release yet... :) seems like i still prefer phone over pda.. :D

but my friends are correct... all of those phones are darn expensive, and with that kind of money i'm better off buying a laptop... it's a good mp3 player, good movie player, great games available, wide screen, good battery life, nice internet connection.... basically EVERYTHING i need.. lol...

but then i said : "i want to call people leh...."

u know what they said ah?

"take a double side tape, then tape a new 3310 on the side of lap top and presto!!!"

=.=''' stone 2 times loh... =.='''

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

am i really that suck?

sigh.... after yesterday's call fromher... i confirm liao... she got metal problem... =.=''' like most of the ALL A, excel in everything student, she had too much pressure from the family... summore there's also some family matters that troubles her too...

yesterday i've spented alot of time trying to convince her that she's not alone, she's not bad luck, she doesn't cause her friend that live in sabah, which died of accident, trying to convince her there ARE people that care about her... blah blah blah....

and all ended up, time and phone credit wasting effort... =.='''

sigh.... yong fatt also helped try to convince her.... finally, he told me that it's impossible to help her now... just let her calm down for a few days first....sien ah...

am i really that sucks? two girls that (finally) said "love me" some how got some mental problem... =.='''' ma de hai.... this time my confidence really sink deeper than atlantis liao... =.='''

Monday, May 08, 2006

Be prepare... it's a Loooooooooong entry....

Wah it's been so long since i last write something that happened in my life woh? but not many people see also... what for i write? like that my friend Sze Mun said "What for write blog? Then come out yamcha nothing to chat loh?" kinda right also woh... sometime yam cha with blogger i afraid this situation will happen:

Me: eh you know ah yesterday ah...
A: I know... it's in your blog...
Me: Ooo... ya woh... Then yuou know ah this girl that keep calling me
A: I know... it's in your blog...
Me: *stone.... Uh... then you heard about this joke ah? why do King Kong...
A: Kingkong joke ah? I know... it's in Other people's blog....

=.=''''' get what i mean? lucky not many of my friend have a blog, and the one writing blog are those that i rarely yam cha with... kinda good to know how are they...

eh what the hell??? this is not the reason i write this post lah.... =.='''

ok back to the topic...

I haven't write this in my log yet so all of you don;t know yet, and i'll start from the very beginning... and i want to warn you... inside alot of vulgar words.. =.='''

last week, when me and yong fatt yamcha with some bestari friend, he recieved a message said "who the hell are you?" we were like, STONE LOH, and then he used my phone to call that number... but that person nv pick up the phone... then after some message passed front and back, and kim ann almost gonna sent some very inappropriate message back to that person... but at last, all thing settled, we explained that we don;t know that person , and that person also appologized for her rudeness...

yeah... her...

the next day, she called me for the first time, and that's how i know it's a "her" instead a "he"... we chated for few hours... * blush... damn embarass... i mean lazy to write... in short, we've chated for few days non stop... summoer most syok part was that she smsed me to call her, gave me permision, so at least i know she want me to call her... :D

anyway, what i'm going to write NOW, is the main climax of this entry...

on saturday afternoon, while we're on the phone again, i kinda forgot to pay attention (and i'm still gonna blame that bloody brake system of the chi bai MyVi), i accidentally banged an old fart's car... the most unsyok thing is, his bloody old car unscratched (well, maybe there's 2... or 3... scratch.. =.=''' ) any my new Myvi (not even start her first service yet...) Bumper "lip" liao... =.=''' bloody hell i can't believe an old fart's car is stronger than my new, out of factory car...

ANYWAY, i don;t have to pay that old fart, and i decided not to talk to her for a while, since i know i'll get upset, and afraid all shoot anyone beside me....then somehow dunno why we start argueing... she said she bring bad luck to me, make me had accident... i tried to explain to her, and told her not to worry, blah blah blah, but she nv listen... so i fed up liao, tell her to calm down, then sms me when she ready to talk again, then i left my phone in ex-"hong kong shopping center" to change the cover...

after some while, after i took back the phone, she keep sms me and tried to call me, ask me why nv pick up phone... then keep say she dunwan friend with me anymore because she bad luck and talk all crap and nonesense... at this moment, i finally know why all the people say girl is very very hard to understand... in my opinion, it's IMPOSSIBLE to understand them... =.='''

anyway, she refused to reply my sms, and refuse to answer my call. without choice, i left her alone loh... let her calm down abit... that night we continue the plan... go SODA clubbing...

woot... what a syok night ah... after reach there, the familiar atmosphere, the familiar song, familiar toilet bowl (my best companion when i'm super drunk...) and to me and hing chun suprise, there HE was!!! the one and only TERRY LAW!!!! DAMN THAT BASTARD COME CLUBBING NV CALL ME!!!!!! we've chat, drank, and see how he hug this bar girl, hug that promo girl with envy eyes and rage in heart.... *ahem...

anyway, good time never last...

suddenly, Yong Fatt told us that he lost he phone... HC helped him find the phone for 1 hour, minimum, with no result... basically that incident made me less "cake" liao... not as enjoy as before liao... can;t really enjoy when your friend finding the phone... =.='''

that's like a sweet, sweet, ham sap dream compare to what's gonna happen next.. =.='''

sigh... some people who knew Yong Fatt joined our gang, and in the middle of syoking, the bouncer caught one of his friend... damn that chi bai fella... never use his brain one!! he dare to open a "5 chai pill" in front of the bouncer!!! never sangka that guy cake until like that!!!! sien gau... anyway, he was "invited" into the bouncer room, and hc go help him... and i help other people exit the club, afraid they also kena together... and to mysuprise, another yong fatt's friend keep shaking his head...... DAMN!!!!! tak sangka all this penis head bring "feng tao pill" also!!!! what the hell!!!! here is club lah not disco lah!!! ji bai gia!!!!

lucky the bouncer nv see him, so i draged all the people out of the club, then i went backt o the bouncer room, try to help... after i entered the room, to my suprise, not only that "5 chai" guy bring 5 chai, he even bring a bloody metal rod!!! A WEAPON??!!! ma hai nv thought got people so lan stupid... even lan tao also 100% more clever than them!! come clubbing bring what weapon???!!! lan jiao!!!

and to my suprise, i saw yong fatt's phone on the table... at least SOME good news appeared... after i thanked the bouncer, try to take the phone bank, he slaped my hand, and said he found the phone on one of yong fatt's friend's sox.... WTF????? OMG WHAT KIND OF DAY IS THIS?? IMPOSSIBLE SO MANY CONFUSE THING HAPPEN IN 1 BLOODY CHEE BYE NIGHT MAH!!!

... ok... breath, wei ken... relax... what done is done... breath in... breath out... breath in... breath out...

well, i'm the ONLY sane person in the room (2 "beika" + 1 "thieve"), i negotiated with the bouncer, and agreed that if the owner of the phone doesn't want to charge, the thieve guy can go. and he can overlook the 5 chai incident. but the weapon... THE BLOODY CHEE BYE WEAPON!!!!!........

anyway, i've tried all the way tried to find yong fatt. to my suprise, i cannot find him ANYWHERE. then not long after, i was chased away from the bouncer room... hing chun (1 of the beika) has to handle thing on his own... which i don;t really think he can handle... anyway, i pass my phone to hc, to keep contact with them...

after i rejoined the survivor outside the club, to my suprise, the "feng tou" ka ate "lok lok" outside the club, without money to pay, and i have to pay RM31 for that bloody ji bai!!!! diu!!! feng tou my feng tou lah!!!! eat what ji bai lok lok!!! i'm so angry i almost grabed the lok lok stick and push them into his bloody ji bai ass hole liao... =.='''

anyway, i took care of all the survivor, try not to let them run over by car, and most importantly, try not to let them eat anymore bloody lok lok....

after alot of hours, the captives came out from the jail, so i approach them to see how i can help... the first glance they saw me, they yell at me (including hing chun) "DIU DON;T COME NEAR!!! DON;T FAN US!! WE DISSCUSSING!! YOU GO MAMAK EAT!!"... =.='' i think i should improve my vocab liao because i can;t think of anything to marah liao... anyway, frustrated, i sit in the mamak, wait for them to finish disscuss. finally everyone finish talking, and we're once again on our way back to sweet sweet home...

first thing pop in my mind after the chaos is... where the hell is my phone? later she call me i didn;t get then die loh... so i ask the phone from the swearing hing chun, which said want to call all the sungai buloh sargeant, officer come ganas them, and another beika also say wan call what taiko what tailou come revenge... anyway, after i asked for th phone, hc said... "diu dun have lah!!! all kena rampas by them!!! only i took back mine because i stay there to help!"... stone loh... diu just now all i did is what? eat shit ah? eat lok lok ah!!!! i never even get the chance to eat lok lok leh!!! summore have to pay for bloody RM31 lok lok!!!! diu most importantly, THE GIRL AH!!!! I BLOODY CARE WHAT PHONE KENA RAMPAS MEH!!! I JI BAI CARE YOU GOT SARGEANT FRIEND MEH!! I LAN JIAO CARE YOUR TAILO GOT 1000 MA CHAI MEH!!! I CARE ABOUT MY GIRL AH!!!!!!! DIU!!!

... breath in... breath out... breath in.... breath out....

ok... what's done is done... cannot do anything liao... can only take back the phone after this night... i shout at the speeding, blured, caked hing chun, so we can actually survive to take back the bloody phone, and i sented those beika back home...

actually that night not all thing is bad.... at least one of the beika (a girl) still have the sanity to at least say "thank you" to me... sigh...


can't do anything.... no phone, no girl, no plan, so i decided to head for the office, try to finish the super page and yellow page design... i told my mom, whoever called me, ask them to call the office...

after i work until 8pm (... not exactly work... 2/3 of the time i was watching anime... lol) and i reach home, my mom told me Hing chun tried to reach me... damn i almost snap at my mom liao... raised my voice abit (still regreting it.. =.=''')... anyway, i told what happened last night, and my car, to my parents... as always, my parents understand the situation, never really scold me... then finally it came back to my memory...

I HAVE KIM ANN'S CARD, AND THROUGH KIM ANN I CAN FIND HING CHUN MAH!! damn why i nv thought of this ah??

so i quickly phone him, and found out he's going to take the phone back... after some hour, he phone me again, and gave me back my phone outside his house... and to my suprise, the first word come out form my mouth is "woah!"... 58 miss call.... =.=''' damn... i tried to call her and explain, but she nv pick up the phone... so i can only sent some sms to her, then go to sleep liao...

--------- monday ----------

Phew... after i wake up, i recievved her message liao... i think it's okay liao... but i dunno... deep inside me i think something has changed... dunno lah... i think this time fail again liao...

i started to think... cannot be one mah... we never even met... is she trying to use me to fill her time? she told me she just broke up with her boy friend... somehow i thought i'm the one who is playing, leading and control the game... but somehow... i think the situation going to terbalik soon liao....

cannot one woh... people say love in first sight, and i alraedy dun believe that... now we haven't see each other yet.... sigh... dunno lah... hope she's not ugly or fat or just simply play with me lah... (not that i hate fat people... just some childhood trauma made me dislike having a fat gf... =.=''' dun ask...)

this entry long or not? :)

and yeah... i not yet buy the bloody monitor so i cannot update my blog frequently... alot of stuff happened and i dun really have the time to type in ffice... except today... no time also must make time... just wanna rant, let go of the rage in my heart since that clubbing night...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

i thought i'll get at least 90%... =.='''

wah lazy write blog ah... lazy fix the stupid computer, and lazy to write blog in office... =.='''